Orchid Technology

Quick Changeovers  // Floral Arrangement // Innovative Display Horticulture Methods // My Display Work // Orchids Really Are Amazing I’ve been writing a lot about my travels but so far, I haven’t written anything about work at Kiseki no Hoshi, which is quite misleading because I spend most of my time there, and it’s why I came to Japan in the first… Read More Orchid Technology

Kokedama Dreams

First week of work at Kiseki no Hoshi- Meeting Tsujimoto Sensei- 苔, 苔 and more 苔 It’s probably time to admit that until last Tuesday, when we started working at Kiseki no Hoshi (Planet of Miracles) Museum of Plants, I didn’t actually know what it was. I know it sounds a little mad to commit yourself to working on the… Read More Kokedama Dreams