I am a professional gardener and I have worked as a Senior Gardener at Hidcote Manor gardens since Spring 2017.

Before that I have worked at Bodnant Garden and about 10 other gardens in three countries. This blog started as a record of a gardening journey around the world and is now a record of gardening exploits to come, and my journey to learn more about Japanese gardens- and maybe get back there to work one day.


In August 2015, I left my job as a gardener for the National Trust at Bodnant Garden in North Wales for a year’s secondment of global adventure, as one of the two UK students of the Triad Fellowship.

I spent four months living and working at Hidcote Manor Gardens in the Cotswolds and other gardens in the UK during the Autumn, before heading to Japan in January where I lived on Awaji Island, near Kobe. I worked and studied at Kiseki no Hoshi, and other gardens in Japan. I stayed long enough to see the cherry blossom fall before travelling to Pennsylvania to spend the summer working at the absolutely enormous Longwood Gardens, near Philadelphia. When I got back, I was seconded to Sissinghurst for three months before returning to Bodnant- and then finally moving back to Hidcote. I’m now there permanently..ish…


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