Orchid Technology

Quick Changeovers  // Floral Arrangement // Innovative Display Horticulture Methods // My Display Work // Orchids Really Are Amazing I’ve been writing a lot about my travels but so far, I haven’t written anything about work at Kiseki no Hoshi, which is quite misleading because I spend most of my time there, and it’s why I came to Japan in the first… Read More Orchid Technology

The Gardens of Tokyo

Kyu-Iwasaki-tei // Kyu-Furukawa // Rikugien // Koishikawa Korakuen // Kyu-Shiba-Rikyu // Hama-Rikyu // Kiyosumi // Mukojima-Hyakkaen // Meji Jingu Shrine Gardens // Others Tokyo isn’t really known for its gardens and it certainly doesn’t have anywhere near the number as Kyoto. There are around 10-20 notable public gardens to visit, in comparison to Kyoto’s 100 or… Read More The Gardens of Tokyo

Kabuki 歌舞伎

Kabuki //  Hirakana Seisuika -Genda Kando // Kagotsurube Sato no Eizame  // Hamamatsu Kaze Koi no Yomibito Kabuki is one of the traditional types of Japanese theatre. The main Kabuki theatre, Kabukiza, is in Tokyo and it recently re-opened after being completely rebuilt: amazingly, it was rebuilt with the addition of a skyscraper, in exactly the same plot of land.… Read More Kabuki 歌舞伎

Komorebi & Karesansui

Kyoto (Gion, Kawaramachi, Nishiki Market) // Tenryuji-en // Kokedera // Jizo-in // Arashiyama Bamboo Grove //Okochi Sanso // Ryoanji // Toji-in // Myoshinji (Taizo-in etc) // Daitokuji (Zuiho-in, Daisen-in, Ryogen-in, Koto-in) // Yasaka Shrine & Maruyama Park // Chion-in // Shoren-in // International Manga Museum I think I have Zen Blindness. As you may be… Read More Komorebi & Karesansui