Settling in

Well, I’ve been here two days and this is what I’ve achieved:

  • Driving around in a lost and confused state, repeatedly. And then realising that there is a SatNav available for me to use. And then getting lost with the SatNav. It’s not my fault, everywhere in the Cotswolds looks like a chocolate box, the same damn chocolate box.
  • Discovering that the internet and phone access here is about as good as it used to be in 2005. In Papua New Guinea.
  • Meeting the two US Triads, who have finished their time at Hidcote and are heading to Japan tomorrow. Full of useful advice and tips, as well as being lovely chaps. See you again soon, James & Tim!
  • Remembering about receiving news from the radio, the tv and newspapers. Who needs the Guardian phone app?
  • Going for a run, getting lost, running much further than intended. My thighs hurt.
  • Accidentally telling Hidcote’s General Manager (and my new boss), that when he puts a cap on backwards, his head looks like a little bum.
  • Visiting 5 gardens- 6 if you include Hidcote. Impressed? Start as you mean to go on, my friends.

I think it will become exceedingly tiring for me (and you) if I try and write some deep and detailed reflections on all the gardens I visit. So, a series of micro-reviews will ensue, when I have regained some patience with the internet…

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