Bye Bye Bodnant & I’ll miss you, North Wales.

Friday was my last day of work at Bodnant for a whole year! I will be officially setting out on my adventures this week, when I move into my new room in Hidcote Manor. It only seems like minutes since those two rounds of (hellish) interviews, and an overwhelming phone call from Glyn Jones to tell me I was being offered a place on the Triad Fellowship. It hasn’t been minutes, of course, I’ve had four months to prepare for leaving. Four months to start learning Japanese, get the house and the garden sorted, do some research, hand over my projects at work, get my head around moving away… And, like every time I’ve moved somewhere new (which is several), it’s snuck up on me and I haven’t realised it’s happening until I’m already gone!

But now I’ve said goodbye to all my brilliant colleagues at Bodnant, my friends and my home. I’m off to have amazing adventures but I’ll miss you all the while. In fact, I miss you all already! So, before I get caught up in the new, I am going to take a moment to appreciate everything that I’m leaving behind:

Swimming in the sea, swimming in the lakes, swimming in the rivers, the mess room, driving on the A55, the Glades and Chapel Park, Providero coffee, the view from the Top Rose Terrace, walking in the mountains, the wind turbines, Dave’s car, my bed, the Albion, the Red Lion, Gemma’s cakes, our tea cupboard, pilates class, NWWGP people, knitting club, Mr Morris taking the piss out of me, the Great Orme, the Little Orme, hearing about the latest Most Annoying Thing Ever, Enoch’s, our bird feeders, the excellent range of places to get a cream tea, bilingual signs, all the rain, the Shrub Borders Superheroes, going for a run along the prom, Michael’s social anxieties, doing the leaves, the Fairy Glen, chatting at paned…

Bye, see you all soon!

Old ParkIMAG0506DSCF0407 IMG_1463IMG_16062014-10-22_1414002717IMAG0101

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